Hello Albacete,

do you remember me? I´m Terko, now my new owner call me Nicky. I like this name! In Germany at the moment we have a cold winter and lots of snow. That´s my first snow, but I like to play with my girlfriend Tina (the black dog) in it. 4 months ago I found my new home in Duisburg. I have a big garden, there I spent lots of time with playing with my girlfriend Tina and other things. Tina is a profi in Agility. She already won lots of trophies. I´m a beginner, but it makes a lot of fun to jump over hurdles. I sent you some photos of me with the e-mail.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I will never forget you!

Your Terko, now Nicky!


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