thank you for your great work! :-) I dont´speak spanish, so I hope you understand my english.

Gala ist fine. She is a great suneshine! She lives with me since 1 week and I will not miss her anymore! My family, who visit me severel times a week, is cracy for her too.
She knows what she want´s, like playing with her cat-angle-fish and loves to lie with me on the sofa in the evening.
At the moment she sleeps in the floor in her favourite cat-basket. She is a healty lady, 4,5 kg weight.
She loves moving things, but dont like too much noise, maybe because she was living on a very silence place the weeks before she came to me.

I send you some pictures of her (and one with me too ;-)) so you can see how she looks now.

Where was she found? Was she alone when you found her or has she relatives?

With all my best wishes



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