many lovely greats also for Isabell and i will sent you nice fotos from iris to spain.
I make a cd for you ......but i must have a adress from you.....
a nice greats also from iris ........she is the princess in our family. My friends and other peoples say , these dogs from spain , that is very good, when their have a life as a princess.....iris is so happy and is so nice to all peoples.
iris drive with my son and I at the 4.August to the beach in Germany "Schillig" one weeks in the appartement with terrasse and we look to the water. 
we make many walkings at the water and iris will be have fun.
i make many fotos for you and Isabell and say you, that iris have a nice live here in germany .....

viele Grüße
Gaby Schulze Horn


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