we call her bica.hear some newer
fotos of her.she is growing so fast!she nearly weights twice as much as
in the beginning.she seems to be very intelligent and has astrong
willing.she not alittle girl any more ,but a teenager,that meens she
doesn,t want tolisten to me so often .so we have to exercise alot.last
week she started to take bread from the table,when she was allone or
jumpt on the sofa,what she is not allowed to do.but she is still very
friendly to people and she lovesme and my family a lot and so do we.i
hope she will not grow too much,but of course,we cant stopp of
the fotos shows her again in a older son took her,because we
had to go by bike to his garden.she did not protest but stayed quiet and
waited was agood choice this dog and i am happy that she
now lives with us!all the best for you and your team big hugs jutta


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