many thanks for your mail dated 14th August, 2013. I am so sorry, that I
didn't found the time to answer you. But today I will do so, because you
surely have the right to know, if Malena is okay.

I can tell you, she is!!And you are absolutely right: Malena is a wonderful
cat and everyone of my family is glad and proud to be with her. She is very
charming, she loves to play with my daughters (11 and 8 years old), she's
truly and she like to lay on me while dreaming many little dreams together.
Since August she goes outside. She brought some mice, but not too many!

Please find enclosed some pictures of her, together with me, alone and with
our parrots "Frankie" and "Rosalie". They are 15 years old. Frankie is very
interested in her. I guess, he loves her too.

We love her so much and we are hoping that we could be with Malena for many,
many years.

We wish you a merry, merry Christmas and a good start into the New Year
2014. Many greetings to you and your team. Thank for doing such a great
job!! J.

Many greetings from Germany to Spain!

Kirsten Schlier & Family


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