We all wish you a wonderful Christmas!

We all thank you so much to spend a great Cristmas in Nürnberg Germany.
We even have a Cristkindl here...and still warm temperatures, no snow, it's like in Spain but much warmer :-)

Our new home is wonderful and we are so lucky spanisch cats, having a so funny italian Daddy and enjoy his great cousine day by day and an orginal german-franconian Mami bringing us presents to play from all of the world!

We love you all and are proud to be here...

Celebrate still wonderful seasonal days in harmony with the best people around...same like we do and a great successfully 2016 for the poor homeless dogs& cats of Albacete!

Un abbrazzo muy fuerte desde Nuremberg

Hasta pronto!!!

Miriam, Candido, Anuk& Murphy


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