since january 8 this year my husband and I have a little dog from Albacete. It was called "Becker" (a male dog) and stayed about 2 months in Arca de Noe' . It was chipped on 30.08.07 and came to Landsberg in Germany in november 07. Becker is now named Chico.
It has lived with us for 5 weeks now and we are very happy to have this kind little dog in our home. We have no other animals (we had cats for many years, but cars killed them - as usual - in spite we live almost in the cuntryside). So Chico has a house and a small garden for himself.
He has got some lessons to learn a few things, and he is very clever at home - outside his mind is caught by more important things than to listen at us!
Sometimes he is scared of something we don`t know (yet) and it happens that he refuses to walk on. Then he looks very worried and unhappy.
But we hope that with time, patience and love he will be able to feel well without beeing anxious anylonger.
Thank you for your important work!
Yours - Konstanze and Thomas von Websky, Zotzenmühlweg 14, D-82362 Weilheim


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