Timba en Alemania

My biggest wish come true!! Hello everybody, i am Jessica from Bocholt, Germany. I like to tell you some news about Timba. Now her name is Flöte witch means pipe or flute in english. I can´t find a translation in spanish, I am sorry.I picked her up at the Tierheim ohne Gitter in Kleve at Valentine´s day. So she was in the pet-shelter in Kleve only a few days. It was love at the first moment. After 3 weeks i can let her walk without leash. I have got no problems with her, she learns very fasten and I can´t go through the city easiely because people come to me and ask me about her physical appearance. Normally they say: oh my god is she sweet !!! And I answer: yes, and she knows it !! She is very happy and loving dog, every morning I was happy to wake up and see her face.I send you some pictures from her so you can convince yourself that she is fine!! On the last picture that was me!!!I was very happy if you can tell me everything you know about her, because I was courious about her past.Best regards, Jessica Schmitz


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