I would like to leth you know, thet Caledon is still with me. Potecial adopter are changes ther meind. But it O.K. with him. He lives with us, and I am falling in love with him. My frend who works in natioal TV, made the show with him. He will be in the national tv on Saturday. I will send you a copy of the show. Soo, I think we will find good home for him, with the children, witch addors it. I am send you some pictures, as you see he is very happy with us. And we all adores him.I allsow saw, that Ebony is reserveit for Larisa. I realy please you, if there is any possibilitiy to reservet Ebony just for us, becosue we have a loth of trobbels with people, who wants to adopt a dog, witch had bee saw in our web page. I it is hard to us to expalne why is Larisa difrent of all the others...Take care.Hug,Nina and Celadon (Kal in Slovenian lenguage)


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