Hola,> > me llamo Anika y soy de Kitzingen en Alemana. No se si puedes hablar espanol, es por qué escribo en espanol. Perso mi espanol no es buen. Mis padres (Heike y Kurt) y mi hermano (Nico) adaptaron Killo. Soy muy alegre con le. Sailo escribir en ingles.> > We adopted Killo on december 2th. We went to the animal shelter two weeks earlier and saw him there. He came straght ahead to us. He was very skinny so we asked for information about him. We dindŽt get a lot of information just that he was from Spain and he had to see the doctors first. Fortunately one and a half weeks later we were allowed to adopt him. He was very skinny but also very trusting.> > Since December 2th he is living with us and we are really glad to have him. He has already put on some pounds. There are some pictures attached which show Killo, Kurt y Nico.> > Thanks for finding him. We are really looking forward to hear from you.> > Have a wonderful christmas.> > Love,> > Nico, Heike, Kurt and Anika


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