Hallo animalfriends in the Arca de Noé,

last saturday i visited the Albert-Schweitzer-Tierheim in Kleve-Kranenburg (Germany).
I was looking for a small dog. Our dog (el macho, el teckel) "Balou" died last year in November on fallo cardiaco. He was 13 years old and we loved him so much.
Me and my husband Jack decied to adopt another dog. I saw FIONA there and picked her up for walk the dog. But she don´t wanted to walk ? After a while she decieded to go with me. I was glad. I returned her to the "home for animals" and I called my husband to ask if i should adopt her? He said of course and so I took her with me after sign the paper for formal adoption.
She´s is a very quiet, decent dog girl. I gave her a dogbone for cleaning the teeth, but she doesn´t knew what to do with....
Now she lives in our house since 3 days, by day she can come with us to our own office. She can go with us everywhere, that´s no problem. She loves car driving.

Now I want to ask a favor of you. Can you tell us something about her? I´m sure you are very busy, but I gladly wanted to know where FIONA comes from, or what happened to her. In the "home for animals" in Kleve-Kranenburg they didn´t know anything about her.
Gladly pleased to here from you.
I really have great respect for your hard work. I wanted to spend some money for your organisation.

Gladly pleased to here from you.
Muchos recuerdos de mi parte,

Andrea Kössl


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