Good morning Ladies, good morning Sirs,
Today I want to write you a email. Perhaps you remember me. When I lived in Spain,
I have had the name "Madre". Today I live in Germany, more specifically, in „Mülheim an der Ruhr“. This town is near Düsseldorf. Mülheim is very nice and I feel very well here. But important, I like my people and my people like me.
I should not be an outsider in his German dogs, they have given me a German name. Today my name is "Luzi Jungkamp".
The name from my Humans is Margarete. I love she very much. She I let no time alone.
No matter where she goes, I run with her. If she talk with me, she says, Luzi, do your ears up and listen to me. And if I talk with her, she knows exactly, that I now must go along the road,
But longing to know she is. She wants to know more from me. Where I lived, in what city. You have found me on the street?,or in a hotel complex. Or I have lived in a Spanish family?
As thanks, I have some pictures of me attached.
My people, to which I now must watch, definitely looking for an answer from You.
And now a personal word to you and your helpers. "Thank You“.
My address in Germany: Luzi bei Margarete Jungkamp


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