Hola, to 28.04.09 we have Kinder to us from Albert- Schweitzer -Tierheim in Kleve/Germany gotten.We sin very happy over it. It is a very dear dog.We are a family with two children. ( 10+13 years )Now to ours ask, can it to us still more information about the dog give.From which conditions she comes and as old her is and how often she hadalready babies.We would know gladly as much as possible about their past…I hope it can us further help, we give her never more ago have her from thefirst second in our heart closed… :-)We loved her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many , many owing to in advance Family Heekeren-Tabatt ( Anja, Stephan,Annabell and Joel) KinderŽs new name is now Nelly!! :-)Look at this Fotos... Family Heekeren-Tabatt


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