Hello animal right activist from Albacete,

we have adopped a dog named Histeria from the animal shelter in Kleve, germany.
She is living in our family for over a year now. Her new name is Kira. After a short time Kira started to become a nice and very cuddly dog, whose favorite place is our sofa or the big garden which if its not raining.
My husband and me are realy happy with her
We know that you have had a lot of dogs in your shelter but maybe you know something about her.
Histeria was send to germany in july 2009. One thing that help you to remember her is the big scar on her head.
Many thanks for your work over there, which makes us the confortable position to get a dog like her.

With best regards und good luck for your work,

Karina and Dirk Beneke


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