Hello everyone at L'Europe des Levriers!This is me - Tallis, wishing you all a Happy New Year 2009 and to say a very big thank you for finding me my new home. I am really happy - and warm - no more cold nights! I've got a wooley jumper which I can wear at night to keep me cosy, a waterproof coat and Mum has knitted me another coat and two scarves for when it is really coldI go on lots of walks to different places and I even took a flying leap into the canal which was cold, but not too bad. Luckily my new Mum and Dad hauled me out. I think they were a bit concerned, but I was soon warm and dry again - I think I quite like the water!!! I've met a lot of new people and walked in the snow with Dad - very exciting! I have lots of toys and things to chew. Mum says I'm full of mischief and get over-excited, but that I'll calm down as I get older - whatever that means! I just know I'm a very lucky little Galaga puppy.I'm off to the kitchen now to see if there is any food left around I can help them to eat!Love from Tallis, David and Jane and the cat(!)


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