> Hi there,> In November 2007 I adopted a cat from the animal home in Feucht near> Nuremberg. His name was Amor but is now called Pablo. Pablo is a nice> cat with his own will and character. He lives in my mother's house and> is allowed to do whatever he wants. In the photo he is sleeping on my> trousers :-)... He is allowed to go outside whenever he wants. It is a> great place for cats as there is a huge garden and in the back there> are vineyards. Pablo likes the neighbour's cats. They found it quite> strange that he came to visit them without any fear. He walks into the> neighbours' house and eats from the cats' food. They weren't amused at> the beginning but now they seem to be friends. Pablo loves to sleep in> warm places, he likes to be near people - but just when he feels like> it. There are also times when he doesn't want any human company. He> decides :-)... Yesterday, we went to the vet and he got some> injections. He hated this and cried and got very angry. But back at> home I found in the little book on the back page that you had put a> message onto the last page. I had not seen that before. So that is the> reason why I send you this email. I attach one photo. Sure there are> many more photos of Pablo so maybe I will send you a few more in the> future...>> So all the best to you and your work for the animals.>> Regards, Sabine Pichler>>


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