I adopted Trankas on 7.march in Slovenia.Now he lives with 4 cats, a bird and 5 fishes in nice house with good people.We love him and I think he like it here.But he needs a time to recover from all the stress and pain from the past.I am with him 24 hours per day, even in the night sometimes he come to my bed.He is lucky.Hope the same for all pure dogs in the planet Earth.
Nina told me that Trankas was living with you for a while.How long he was by you and how was he than mentaly?He is afraid from children, I have an idea that he was abused by children in the past...
Anyway, Thank you for all good things you did for Trankas and other galgos who need help!
Gea Gerstenhofer, Trankas new girl friend.
Hope to keep in touch with you.


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