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Hello friends!

We adopted Erasmo from the animal home Feucht (near to Nueremberg in Germany) in january 2010.
Do you remember Erasmo - the dog with only one eye?

Now he already stays in our home / his new home since 9 months and we think that he's is very happy
having found us! We're also happy having found him! We have a lot of fun with him.

Erasmo is a playful dog and he likes to play in the garden or outside on the fields.
But also he learned a lot of things and is hearing very good. He also likes children and is very lovely to them.

Sometimes he is very anxious when special kind of dogs running towards him. We also think that he already
made some bad experiences with this kind of dogs in the past and was also bitten many times, cause he has
a lot of scars

Do you know in which situation Erasmo lost his left eye? Or did he already had one eye when he was comming
to your animal home?

Do you also know a little bit more of his life until he cames to your animal home?

On this way we would like to inform you that Erasmo has found a nice family with an eight year old son in Nuremberg/Germany
and he is doing very well!!!

Also we send you some pictures of him!

Best regards,

Family Martin


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