Hello to Spain,

here some fotos of our Bella in former times Vera.We took her from the animalshome in Schongau/Germany/Bavaria.Bella is very lovely and we like her very much. In our family there are 4 children. Two of them are allready adults, two boys stay at home. They are 13 and 15 years old. We also have two cats some fishes and two rabbits. As you can see, we have enough to do. Thanks for your engagement by helping these poor dogs. We wish you, especially all these animlas, good luck and nice people, who will adopt them. You can see some pictures of Vera/Bella, she loves running through the snow and playing with us. She don?t mind the cats, and our baby cat is sleeping in Bella?s bed. That?s life..... ;-)

Best regards

Katja Heußner


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