Now I'm writing back about Bonita. - We changed her name to Bica, by the
way.  Ohh, what a nice dog she is! We got her in the morning and went
for a big walk through the fields and the forest behind our house. She
was really excited, but not scared. She is really curious and wants to
see and sniff at everything. It was great to go for a walk with our own
dog again. She was always waiting for the 3 of us and she was so happy
when we were petting here or talking to her in a high and friendly voise.
After the walk we gave her a bath and washed her with flea-shampoo. She
had quite many fleas, but I think they're all gone now. She is a really
clever girl and has such a nice character! I really like her already and
I think she was a really good choice and we'll have a lot of fun with her!
Thank you so much for all your help. You really did a lot to help us
choosing the right dog for our family!
I attached some pictures we took so far.

Big hugs.

Max Süße (son of Jutta)


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