> finally I have some photos I can send. The first ones are from Gumy.
> After being sick for about 10 days he is now doing fine. He still had a 
> runny nose when we took the photos but now he is OK. He loves playing 
> with the little toy mouse. He can chase it for hours. What a difference 
> to the first couple of days when he only slept! At night he likes to 
> sleep beside me and loves to have his belly rubbed. And then he makes 
> funny noises.
> Toni has been very active when he first arrived and now is quiet. He 
> doesn't play that much but in the past couple of days he and Gumy 
> started playing together. It was the first time I saw it and I was very 
> happy to see that. During the day they sleep together on the bed . I 
> think Toni is the dominant one because when he sleeps on the couch he 
> doesn't want Gumy to be on there too. And he is the first one to ask for 
> food :-) . After using the litter box he comes to me asking to clean it 
> up right away, and when Gumy uses it Toni goes right there to make sure 
> everything is covered :-)
> Both enjoy sitting on the window sill watching the birds and the 
> neighbor cats. And they love the scratching post where Toni has the seat 
> on top and Gumy has to take the one below.
> I am currently training Toni with a leash because I think he can handle 
> that. Then I can take him outside for walks. I am sure he will love that.
> Tomorrow Ilse Toth will come for a visit because she has not seen them 
> yet. Then we will do the contract so I can finally pay the money. And I 
> will give her the boxes so the next time dogs come from Albacete they 
> can take them back.

> Both cats are wonderful, I am glad that you have sent them to me. My 
> friends and my sister love them too. They are so friendly and funny. 
> Some colleagues said they would have taken them too had they seen their 
> pictures before. Too bad may people are afraid of having cats with the 
> virus. I can only recommend to give them a chance. I am grateful for 
> having those two guys. Thanks to everyone in the shelter to make that 
> possible.

> Big hugs from Germany
> Alex

> -- 
> Alexandra Williams


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