Hello, friends from El Arca de Noé!
Do you remember me?
You gave me the name Monica (today it is Vanja), when you took me into your shelter.
It must have been about november 2011, because my pasaporte is claiming 11.11.2011 
as the day of microchipping me.
Later I was send to the animalshelter "Albert-Schweitzer-Tierheim" in Germany.
One day a family came to adopt me. It was nice to have a family. But then they
realized, they hadn't enough time for me an brought me back to the "Albert-Schweitzer-Tierheim".
Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long until my Anna walked into the animalshelter, looked
into my eyes and new, that we belong together. Since that day (16.7.2012) I live with her. She
gives me all her love and very tasty food :-). She has many friends with other dogs (often also from
animalshelters), who became my friends. We meet them regularly so I can play with my friends.
We live in a small village surronded by fields, meadows, rivers and a forest.
Every day we spend many ours in the open countryside. I love it. I'm very happy.
I hope, that all my brothers and sisters, which are still in your caring hands, will soon find a place,
where they can be happy too.
Thank you for helping me, when you found me abandoned in Albacete.
P.S.: I attached some fotos of me to this email.
Your lucky Vanja (Monica)


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