hello Llanos,

I´m not able to write very well in english. So sorry for that.

Now, lets try to say some words to you and your friends.

Thank you very mutch for your mail and the photos of Careta/Kyra.
She is a very lovely dog and we all love her so much. Also Cedric the
second dog. Careta takes over all his toys and beds and everything,
but Cedric loves her. Caretas eyes now are completely normal and
not so stressful as at the first days.

She likes it very mutch if I cook a Soup and she gets the Bones. She´s
allways hungry and I have to look after now, that she doesn´t get too fat.

I send a few photos with this mail so you can see Careta now in her new
home and together with Cedric.

A big hug from Germany and first of all from Careta

Uschi Bräkling


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