>> first of all, I want to thank athe whole team from the plant and theanimal protection association for saving sire, my dog, from strolling aroundthe streets of Albacete. My wife and I adopted this trusty and clingy fellowlast September form the shelter in Landsberg. We had a rather bad start (hegot lost after chasing some game into the woods), but now he is a quite,polite and balanced dog. Most of his time he spends hlding siesta on thecouch. But if someone touches his rubber ball, he gets anxious going out forhis walk and play ball (till he almost drops dead). he is able to gulp hisbreakfast or dinner within one minute, and after that he looks like he'shungy like an ice bear. As a proof he is well I attached some photos.> So byebye, keep on helping the poor animals, we will help you with adonation.>> Many greetings form Augsburg,>> Sire, Felicitas and Steffen


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